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Minerals and Waste Local Plan Pre-Submission Consultation – Ends on 24 May 2021

Herefordshire Council is preparing a Minerals and Waste Development Plan Document, which when adopted will form part of the Herefordshire Local Plan and there is still time for you to comment.

The Minerals and Waste Local Plan has been published along with accompanying evidence base reports. The consultation is open until midnight on Monday 24 May 2021.

During this period comments are invited on the ‘soundness’ of the plan and whether the correct legal processes have been followed.  To be sound policies should be positively prepared, justified, effective and consistent with national policy.

Comments are also sought on the Sustainability Appraisal and the Habitats Regulations Assessment reports, which have been published alongside the MWLP and its evidence base documents.

The consultation documents & evidence used to support the development of the MWLP, and details of how to take part will be available on the Minerals and Waste Local Plan webpage .

A video presentation providing an overview of the policies and proposals of the MWLP, and how to get involved in the consultation, can also be viewed on the website, along with the presentation slides. After watching this, should you have any questions on the MWLP or its evidence base, please email  

After the consultation, the council will consider all the representations prior to submitting the final draft of the document to the Secretary of State for examination, together with the representations received. If you have any questions, please email or call 01432 260146. 


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