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Get Active – Green Spaces Covid Recovery programme

Get Active – Credenhill

We are pleased to report that the Roman Park Outdoor Fitness Zones are now officially open for use!

Childrens Fitness Zone and Table Tennis
Adults Fitness Zone

Big thanks to Herefordshire Community Foundation for their support in helping to fund the project, without which it would not have been possible at this scale. Big thanks also to Broxap (Sunshine Gym) for working with us on this project and delivering it in such a short timescale and to an excellent standard.

We will now be looking to actively promote use of the equipment and looking at the next stage of bringing the facilities at the Roman Park up to modern day standards, with a particular focus on the cildren’s play equipment which is significantly limited and outdated.


The Roman Park is one of our key community assets and we have been working hard behind the scenes to come up with a plan to deliver improvements to the Roman Park for a number of years. During the COVID 19 pandemic the Sports Facilities (Changing Rooms and Fields) were closed to the public due to Government guidelines, this meant that the Parish Council received Grants due to those closures. We successfully applied for a grant of £10,000 from Herefordshire Community Foundation in December 2021 which allowed us to jointly fund the Outdoor Fitness Zones. The total allocated to the project is £28,000 which includes Archaeology Fees as the site is of significant historical importance (see Roman Credenhill for more details). Sadly no significant finds were made on this occasion; we will continue to work with Herefordshire Council’s Archeaologist, Tim Hoverd BA ACIf on future projects at the Roman Park in the hope that we will uncover Roman Treasures!

The fitness zones form part of a wider plan to improve the sports and leisure facilities at the Roman Park. The draft plan has been developed by the Parish Council to ensure that if additional housing is built within the Parish, then funds can be applied for from the developers for these improvements to be funded by them (known as Section 106 Agreements). In addition to this we have been actively applying for Grants to deliver on the wider plan including tree planting through the Tree Council which was completed in December 2021.

If you are interested in helping the Parish Council with this project then please consider joining the Parish Council as we have 2 Vacancies, Contact Us for more information.

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  • What a pity that the opportunity was not taken to provide an area in the park for dog walking. Go down there during daytime and the park is completely empty while walkers with their dogs have to walk along what is a quite dangerous piece of road.

    I would suggest that a walkway around the perimeter, fenced and providing suitable bins at intervals within this area would not only mean the park would be used much more frequently but might also contribute to solving the ongoing problem of dog poo on the pavements. This area could also be part of the planned tree planting area.

    As it is planned at the moment it is entirely for the benefit of the young and fit! I urge the council to take this suggestion seriously and consider the benefit it will provide for the older members of the population whose only form of regular exercise is the walking of their dogs.

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