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Update from the Woodland Trust – Credenhill Park Wood

We are about to start some tree felling work along the tracks and the work will last about 3 weeks. They will be removing planted conifer trees close to the edge of the tracks and taking out ash trees that are dying from ash die-back disease.

We will also be improving the footpath from the car park in October, to make it more accessible for visitors with mobility scooters and to stop water from pouring down the path when it rains.

The dog poo bin is being well used and I’m going to have to increase the collection to weekly, as it seems to be very full on a 2-weekly collection. Unfortunately some people are still leaving bags in all the old places, even within a few meters of the bin!

Next year we will be replacing sections of boardwalk around the wood and some of the rotten benches. I am still looking for a grazier who is willing to put some cattle in the hill fort to graze it down over the summer. In case you of the PC might know anyone locally who might be interested?


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