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Roman Park Fitness Zone – Supplier Selection

Since obtaining funds in December for an outdoor fitness zone we have contacted 9 suppliers to prepare initial proposals for the project. All were given the same brief and budget and we have now received proposals from 4 suppliers; 3 suppliers were unable to meet the timescales proposed, 1 declined not to take part as they are primarily focused on schools and we are waiting to hear from the final company.

All suppliers provide equipment with similar warranties and have a proven track records providing services to the Local Authority market. Some suppliers have provided a couple of options to consider. All equipment is robust and satisfies the necessary british standards required to endure a hard life of service in a public open space.

At the next Parish Council meeting we are hoping to make a decision on which supplier to use based on the designs provided and a number of other determining factors. The exact equipment, location within the park and layout with then be finalised by working with the selected provider

Please see below proposals and supplier details; please let us know which supplier you would choose?

Supplier 1 – Fresh Air Fitness –

Supplier 2 – Play Fitness –

Supplier 3 – Sovereign –

Supplier 4 – Sunshine Gym –


  • Supplier 1 looks the best – I like the inclusion of the table tennis decks as this is a great family game. The equipment seems similar to that installed by Herefordshire Housing at several of their open areas and it was very robust.
    Looks like a good mix of equipment too

  • The presentation on the 1st one is the best with a good mixture of equipment for all, I prefer the flooring too. Play fitness I like the idea of a ninja warrior bit for the kids. I like the bar style from sovereign if aimed at adults. Overall number 1.
    A BMX track would be a bonus

  • I prefer the style and layout of the Fresh Air Fitness design. One of the advantages I see is the pull up bars as the other design do not show any equipment for this activity. At the moment some people use the goal posts for this purpose so it would be beneficial to provide the proper equipment. Like others have said table tennis decks are a great addition.

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