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Letter from the Vicar

Dear Friends,

I have become increasingly concerned that as a nation we just aren’t very good at being kind to each other and with Valentines Day this month, maybe we could all make February our “Kindness Month”! So here is what Jesus said about how we should treat each other: “Love one another” John 15:12 & 17.

There is not one person that Jesus does not love and he calls us all to love one another as he has loved us. For some of us it is so hard to do! But it doesn’t have to be a big thing. If we give a glass of water to someone who is thirsty, we love in the same way Jesus would. If we smile at someone, it may be the only smile they receive all day or all week. Caring for others comes very naturally to many people, but for others it is something that we have to determine to do. One of the things that Jesus loves most is kindness. And acts of kindness happen in a moment. Taking the time to phone someone you know who is hurting, writing someone a quick note or inviting someone to brunch at the ‘Street Kitchen’ on a Friday or Saturday morning at Credenhill Community Hall, are all ways of acting out kindness and showing love. There are many ways to show someone our love for them but it helps to be understanding of the people we are particularly concerned about, so that we can brighten their day with a little with a random act of meaningful kindness.

It might be that our “Kindness Month” develops into a “Kindness Year” and we all become better people because of it! I will be interested to hear how you all do!

With every Blessing, Rana


Funeral: 18th December 2018 Laurence Wyndham Gibbs age 56yrs (Cremated).

Services for February are

3rd 11.00am Holy Communion

10th 11.00am All Age Worship

17th 11.00am Holy Communion

24th 11.00am Holy Communion


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