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Credenhill Community News – May 2020

Due to the ongoing pandemic the paper copy of the CCN is not being delivered this month. We do however have an electronic version that you can download from the website:


  • Can parish council please get people that cutting grass in Roman park weekly.please get them to cut grass by bungalows opposite . as it’s terrible plus it stop all the villagers dogs using it as there new toilet plus it will also make place look better .

    • Hi Sandra,

      Thank you for your message. The grass opposite the Roman park is the responsibility of the Housing Association and unfortunately the Parish Council will therefore not be able to cut that grass, can I suggest you get in touch with them as a complaint from a resident will have more of a response than one from the parish council.

      It may be the case that they have reduced the number of employees during the pandemic as normally they are pretty good at cutting grass; it certainly gets cut more often than Dovecote Lane parks which are the responsibility of Herefordshire Council.

      Kind Regards

      Credenhill Parish Council

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