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See a problem! Report It

Back in the good old days County Councils would complete routine, preventative tasks to provent problems with the Highway network (Routine Road Sweeping, Ditch Clearance, Drain Clearance, Tree Maintenance, etc). However in 2021 all work completed to the Highways Network/Public Rights of Way/Paths/Pavements/Verges/Ditches is only done on a reactive basis.

So it will not be fixed unless somebody reports it to Balfour Beatty through Herefordshire Council’s website

All service requests and queries should be logged via the HC website at or called through to the call handling team on 01432 261800.

Please encourage individuals to use the website or call the customer services call handling team.

This will help ensure that everything is logged in to the operating system known as CONFIRM where it can be responded to in a timely way.

•             Herefordshire Council website is the one-stop-shop for up to date information Maps and timetables for grass cutting and pot holes are now available on the Council’s website.

•             For any PROW (Public Rights of Way) problems, you can report these via the following link on the Herefordshire Council`s website:


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