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Landowners, Agents or Developers are invited to submit sites that have potential for future development

Herefordshire Council is now reviewing the long term availability of development land across the county, the below consultation is underway to help establish if Herefordshire Council can meet the targets set by central government.

Herefordshire Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) 2020- Call for Sites

The Council’s Strategic Planning Team are preparing a ‘call for sites’, whereby landowners, agents or developers are invited to submit sites in order for them to be assessed on their potential to accommodate future development.

Those who have submitted the details of sites to us through these exercises on previous occasions will be contacted at the beginning of this process (week commencing 3 August) so that they are made aware of this. The call for sites will also be publicised on the council’s website, and will run for 6 weeks until midnight on Monday 14 September.

The assessments have, in the past, been published in a document known as a “Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)”. However, on this occasion, it will be referred to as the “Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA)”, as it will assess land with both housing and employment-based development potential where appropriate.

This is a document that we are as a planning authority required to produce and update regularly by national planning policy (NPPF paragraph 67). The document is a technical exercise and does not in itself form any planning policy, or allocation of land for development. To be clear, the inclusion of a site within the document does not mean it will be identified in the Local Plan or be granted planning permission should a planning application be made.

The assessment does, however, provide evidence to underpin the preparation of some Local Plan documents and Neighbourhood Development Plans. Previous publications are available to view on the council’s website.

A number of Parish councils have also carried out or commissioned similar site assessment work of their own, in order to provide evidence in the preparation of NDPs. Therefore, on this occasion for the first time we shall be seeking to make use of the findings of this work. We will be contacting Parishes and requesting that, where possible, this assessment data is shared with us to feed into the preparation of the HELAA.

For those interested, more information is available on the dedicated call for sites web page:  


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